So, I own a German Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute mix and I brought home a stray.My dog and the stray got along tremendously!

My husband and I were going to keep him until he was finally claimed. Anyway, my dog was so sad and depressed for a couple days. He wouldn't eat, drink, or play (and he LOVES playing). So I think, "Okay, maybe it's time to get him a brother or sister." I look online at PetFinder and since my husband and I love the GSD breed we came across a few from the Washington German Shepherd Rescue.

I e-mailed them and sent an application for a dog(s) I was interested in. I have a fully fenced yard that is 0.34 of an acre, my animals stay indoors, my pantry is always full of treats, and I buy high-end food. I explained my situation in the e-mail and the only response I got was "This dog is extremely active and will have to go to an active home and will always have to have a job." I responded with how much I understood this, I mean, I have a GSD for God's sake but I never got a response back. So I assume I was denied.

I think this organization is passing on people that could provide their dogs with excellent homes and are extremely picky (which I agree they should but to this extent?). No one's home is perfect. Period. I fully support adopting and rescuing dogs but if these organizations make it impossible to then off to the breeders I go.

Sounds like this organization is full of bored, yuppy housewives that scrutinize everyone else's lives.Stay away from these people.


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Off to the breeders they go!WTH?

Shouldn't it be "off to the shelter we go"?*** people


Do you ever wonder about these dogs in foster homes with a full ride, while the charitable donations continue pouring in?

to kimzgoomail Woodland Hills, California, United States #971101

Westside pays all the medical bills for dogs in foster care

to kimzgoomail Los Angeles, California, United States #1143714

Tell me...why?

Los Angeles, California, United States #859781

Why is this listed under Westside German Shepherd, when the person says she talked to Washington German Shepherd Rescue.

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